Patricio Trim

Misgendering João

Argentina / Alemania

Conocí a João en una casa llena de gente y empezamos a hablar de cine y a bailar.

-Fluidity is a beautiful thing. It is, and it gives me so much joy and I love it. But also sometimes I see myself and I get overwhelmed.

-I understand.

-Yes, sometimes I find it difficult to be saying these things about what is masculine and feminine because that is something that I literally fight against, but at the same time we all have to be honest that these are simply the terms that we can use and that we can destroy. But that's what we have to work with, you know? In someway.


-When I see myself I feel more masculine, and that's something that I like a lot because I really feel masculine at the moment but at the same time I don't feel masculine because I still feel very non-binary, but more like a masculine non-binary person, you know?