Rodrigo Saraiva
Poliana Themonia

I met Poliana through Grindr.

For unrelated reasons we stopped seeing each other for 15 days but I feel that the bond was invisibly strengthening.

To me it brought an openness to the world of a very sensitive woman. I think it gave her a space to listen and express herself, a place to see and notice herself.

"Two words come to me, melancholy and fragility. There is something half sacred in the encounter. There is something of the respect with which you approached her, [...] "The same fear I have of dying is what makes me live" [...], I find that very beautiful. I think that's very nice. [...] I think you found a very good ally, this non-hegemonic thing, it's a very interesting search on the island."

"Poliana has the most beautiful smile in the world, it has to do with transparency and purity, she talks about cancer and when she makes that smile everything opens up."

"The encounter between Poliana and Rodrigo. Very sincere. Very intense the encounter, despite not understanding I feel that the character opened up completely, you can see her spark, the desire to live that what she says is her attitude towards life, this person/character everywhere she looks there is a certain transparency that makes me feel melancholic."

"Follow the seduction thing, she is very magnetic, there is something that is unlocked."