Ricardo Ariel Toribio
Mystery keepers
Dominican Republic

I have been seeing Guillermo for years and greeting him cordially but I did not know anything about him. One morning I opened the door and Guillermo walked by with some keys in his hands, we greeted each other as usual but that morning I went to the Regina Angelorum Church where he works and asked him if I could interview him.

My name is Guillermo Nin and I was born in San Juan, raised and swore by San Pedro de Macoris, the most beautiful city in the east.

I overcame the fear of death a long time ago, that is an unappealable transit and it seems to me necessary and positive.

I remember the last of my old uncles who did not even want to be given water when he was dying,he refused to be given things in his mouth, he was waiting for the moment.

I am not afraid of death because I am already living the credits of life.