Rafael Nir

Cintia Ausente Presente


I met Cintia when I was shopping in her store. I work in Guevara at 200 and she at 300. I passed by several times and she always caught my attention. I think that we were able to tell each other everything we felt. That is something that had never happened to any of us before. 

With Cintia we have a secret.

From absolute ignorance we plunged into each other's depths: we confided stories, emotions, laughter, hugs and gestures of love.

That night I arrived and stumbled upon his Kingdom. The King was sitting on a white melanin stool drinking beer from a styrofoam cup and the prince was eating a salami and cheese sandwich while he recounted the fiery things he had fixed during his day.

Two commoners accompanied and witnessed the situation. I was her detective in this episode, her absence made me her representative and I was a spectator of this group of adults giving their opinion about an 18 year old girl who does not share their views.