Paloma Coscia



For some years now there has been a hairdresser's next to my house whose owner, Alejandra, always seemed very serious to me. More than once I dyed my hair with her but unlike other hairdressers, she didn't talk much. It was almost instinctive to knock on the door of the uncool hairdresser who had always been there.

During the first times I felt deeply invasive. I found it somewhat implausible that Alejandra took the questions I asked her as playful. Little by little - though quite quickly - we both loosened up. I in my shyness and she in her presumed hardness. After all, we both had a mirror impression of each other and together we turned it into something else.

I think it brought us softness. Or humanity. With regard to the contribution that this link generated in her, I can't be certain, but I do know - because she told me - that thanks to the interventions sought between the two of us, she returned to writing. Which, I presume, is a good thing.

How do I look like? I look... beautiful... hahahaha... No, too pretentious. No, I look... human. Human, yes. How do others see me? Eh, tough... tough, yes, a tough woman. I don't agree, I have an image that, for those who don't know me, see me and think I'm something else. I am very human. I wouldn't like to change anything about how I am in person. It may sound a bit arrogant... but I am happy with who I am and how I am. It took me years of therapy. My psychologist would be happy with this answer. My fundamental fears are those that have nothing to do with me or anything that doesn't depend on me. All of that scares me. The rest, I think everything... I can handle it, can't I? Not because I think I'm super... I mean... but because, if it came, it's because it can be fought.

Delia Alejandra Castro, Buenos Aires, 9 June 2021