Nicolás Baksht
A healer of a wounded world

Nina and I connected from the first moment, in that initial interview she opened up deeply and told me her dreams, her fears, her secrets and her desires. The bond became stronger week by week, getting together almost always in the evenings to play cinematic games in inappropriate places at unwise hours, with laughter, singing and multiple dances.

He has made me rediscover my neighborhood, showing me streets I had never been to, introducing me to neighbors I didn't know, teaching me about the Mexican cosmo-knowledge and inviting me to get to know his contemporary Tenochtitlan.

"I always got to thinking that the only key in this world is love, and love is just a reflection of who you are, it's caring for other people, it's caring for others in every way, and it's accepting people just the way they are."

Nina -the day I met her-