Maxine Swann


United States / Argentina

Aludina has been working at home and, above all, as a nanny for my son Camilo (11 years old) for 7 years.

My son and I came to get to know other aspects of Aludina and her world. We went to her house for the first time, she showed us photos and told us stories of her past and childhood in Peru, things she normally talks about very little. We shared this experience of unknowns together. We got confused, we laughed, we got uncomfortable at times. I liked how she started to propose her own ideas about what to film, how to film. I felt she enjoyed the process. Alu and I had more opportunities to dodge our employee/employer roles and share other things like going to the cemetery together, which was a pleasure and a relief. 

This experience allowed us to take a big leap, all the more important because Alu is leaving and this was in a way a last chance.