Marlies Pahlenberg

Roger and I met before we spoke for the first time: he had already seen me through his window walking down the street. And I saw him. Roger is always at home and always looks out of the window. From the first time I saw him he really caught my attention and I wanted to meet him. I felt that at some point he was going to play a role in my life.

At first he got very tired of our meetings. It was hard to encourage him to talk. He didn't really like to talk about himself, but my baby helped us deepen our relationship of friendship and trust. The baby was always lying on Roger's bed and Roger was able to witness his progress, his first little teeth, new movements. This constellation of three worked very well. Sometimes we just spent time together and watched TV together in silence, sometimes we filmed objects and movements, and later we also went out together and even went to the bar around the corner. Roger and his girlfriend started giving me kitchen supplies and I made them cupcakes.

Once I accompanied Roger to the doctor. I felt immense gratitude because he let me film him and he felt a lot of gratitude for being accompanied. There we realized that we can collaborate well, that we bring each other happiness and help. I have the feeling that Roger tells more and more about his life and at the same time I see him move more: he gets up, carries the baby, goes out in the street. And now, after the end of the workshop, I still go to his house to watch TV, to see photos of his travels and I don't feel that our friendship has come to an end.

"I was bowling in the national team, in the European league. I couldn't play now, I shouldn't. My feet are destroyed. If I could, I would have new legs made, completely new legs. I have to be very careful not to bend my ankle. It breaks immediately. It's like glass now. I'd like to have my own legs of my youth again, not as strong as before, not as muscular, I'd get a little smaller. I've rarely been sick, but from here on down I want it all new. I'm not afraid, but if I had a wood shop, I'd carve some new legs and then put them on."
-Roger in the first interview