Mariana Martínez Gómez
The futures of Yoss

I saw Yoshida as she came out of the laundry where she works. She half lowered the curtain of her store and we walked together to the end of the street. I had walked a long way on foot in search of a person/character to collaborate with. I was about to give up. Yoss went back to the laundry and I was on my way home. But something stopped me and I went back to talk to her.

I think our exercises together served as a listening space for Yoss. Verbalizing desires and sadnesses she had not told anyone. A space to see herself with new eyes.

"The other is not Mariana, I felt that it stopped being Mariana... It's as if Yoss had absorbed Mariana. She turned her into one more Penelope inside the laundry."

     – Victoria Giesen.

"To arrive with a camera, the symbol of looking. Getting the character to accept that gaze as his own gaze... Entering his world of gazes."

  – Marlies Pahlenberg