María Grazia Goya
My father's father had come to kill his son

I met Ramses on a shooting and I liked the way he ate oranges.

We met to do an exercise in which he ate an orange in 5 different ways and the bond slowly evolved. He and I have a lot of things in common and it's always a collaboration, where I come with an idea (intuition) and we experiment the possibilities together.

I think it was a safe space for him to open up and allow himself to experience things he had inside. From an artistic and performative understanding, which is close to him because of his interest in art.

"He never embodies his body, he orients himself and points the hammer at himself. The hammer was the object that each person was. At no time is it him. He chooses to be his mother's body. And he simply draws his own position. He never embodies himself.

I was very impressed with how everything that was not between them, the trust, was made present. The hammer as a magical object.

The intimacy enters a new zone, you notice it in the camera movements. The camera begins to take on his sensibility. The camera tries to transform itself into him. It inaugurates a new form of intimacy. Getting closer to his feeling".

- Rita Pauls