Manuel Soriano

El chivero


I met Aurelio outside my aunt's house, he had his goats eating grass and greeted me very kindly. Then I saw him three days in a row sitting in the same place watching the sunset, with his goats, and with the peacefulness of the countryside, I asked myself: What are his worries? What is his life like? What landscapes has he seen?

"It's a very quiet life, very gentle, there's no one there to pull me in or anything, just me alone and then the view and that's it. Sight is just the bush and having your eyes ready for the coyote, because they steal the goats, more than anything else it's about sight, hearing and everything, walking and looking after them. Nowadays the animals also warn us, as long as we are attentive and have intelligence, we know what to do. That's how I know the Coyote is around".

-Aurelio Capetillo