Malu Boruchowicz

Manual para abrazar


I met Ailén buying all kinds of things at the kiosk. It's close to my house, so I often passed by. I was attracted by the fact that she was always impeccable. Always surrounded by friends. I wanted to meet her. I also wanted to be her friend. We used to meet at her workplace, which is her life. She would go three times a week, sometimes twice a week, and we would stay there chatting. Always surrounded by people. I understood that by opening up, she opened up more and more and a relationship was being built where the things we have in common were appearing more and more. I think I proposed a new friendship to Ailu that was perhaps far from what her friends might be. Discovering that we go through very similar issues and that we each deal with them in the way we can. We both help each other to see how to deal with loves, anxieties and pressures in a very cute and very awkward way at the same time. Being two little stones that want to be surrounded and contained all the time.

Sometimes I wonder if it's because I don't want to invade each other's personal space. Then I wonder if the meeting of bodies came too late. But even so, rehearsing to embrace has no time or place. Two little stones that are now sand. A fundamental touch.