Luis Armando Sosa



I met Rosi at a stop sign. I was parked and she passed by on her tricycle, drunk, but sane. She invited me to her house for Monday, and since then it has become a space I can get to.

I told Rosi that I made films, she didn't believe me but she said she wanted to make a film with me. I showed her a small video I had made. Days later she told me that she didn't want to make the film anymore, that the series they made about Jenny Rivera were lies and that she didn't want me to lie about her. Then she called me to tell me how she wanted to make her film.

You are a flower that has withstood rain and hurricanes,
you are a butterfly that flies low to not lose the ground and lands to love. 
You are a little angel on earth living, enjoying and letting go.

You have taught me to love and to be there,
to care for the one you love, 
the ones you think about and the ones that matters.

Thank you for opening your door,
your heart and your garden,
your faith, your fears and your questions. 
Thank you for filling me with flowers and sharing the compassion you carry inside.

You make me feel that I live with you,
that I listen, that I smell, that I learn and that I see. 
For me you are more than Rosi. 
I love you.