Lucía Malandro
The window

I met my character because he is the one who fixes everything that is broken in the school where I live. Since 2 years ago, when I moved to the school, I always wanted to meet him but I couldn't find the time.

The bond has just begun. From all these encounters I think that only now I feel that our relationship has reached a certain intimacy. What is strange is that he looks for me and I look for him all the time, it's like a kind of need.

"...I lived on a second floor and I had a terrace. That terrace was connected to the kitchen exit, at the same level. Next to it was another terrace of another house separated by a small wall. She was very sick of cats and one of the cats got lost, disappeared. They called him Batman because he had black eyes, like a mask.

I was here and she crossed the terrace, looking for the cat and I told her: "Hey girl, let's go, they are waiting for us", the last thing I remember was that she looked at me like that, without speaking but as if telling me to leave her alone... and at her feet the terrace collapsed.

She fell on a marble staircase. A very strange thing happened to her too, because a few months before that accident, she started to see things... she was in the kitchen and suddenly she says to me, "I just saw your dad." My dad had died years ago and I asked her what my dad looked like, and she described him to me just like my dad, with a gesture that was very like him, she said he looked upset.

And a few days before his accident, she came downstairs and at the bottom of the marble staircase was her first boyfriend, who had died in an accident on a mountain, he fell off a cliff. She told me that he looked at her and smiled and she said: "Compadre, don't knock me off the stairs" and he didn't say anything but smiled.

A few days later she fell from the terrace onto that marble staircase and died.... Those things that happen to people make you think, make you think...".