Laura Mahler

El futuro (The future)

Argentina / United States

Any absolute stranger in this city (New York) is in the eyes of others a potential danger. That's why I turned to people I had already met but whose personal history I didn't know. The encounters were fleeting. I couldn't get them to speak from a place beyond the merely anecdotal, and because of circumstances beyond my control I didn't have time to use strategies that might have worked to change the dynamic.

And instead of saying "my characters are gone", I decided to become my character. It wasn't me, but someone else. My character self-managed to open up and, almost without words, to express what I had not managed to get any of the others to express, and what my non-character self had not managed to manifest in the exchanges with the other participants in the workshop or in my previous work.

11:42:52 From xxxx : “Scared to death of death”
11:50:51 From xxxx to laura mahler (Privately) : It is a great exercise for us to be comforted by this archive, whether it is our own or someone else's. We have to be thankful that we have a medium or that we are close to it in order to be able to reflect and think in silence.
11:51:06 From xxxx to laura mahler (Privately) : Lau, I always expressed to you that maternal energy that I sensed in you from the very beginning. Let it flow, the world needs it!
Thank you for this level of generosity, a pleasure.
11:51:10 From xxxx to laura mahler (Privately) : We were gathering clues that inside you there is a very beautiful and complex vision of things/life and I am very touched by it.
11:51:11 From xxxx to laura mahler (Privately) : It is beautiful to see how we open up with our vulnerability and doubts...and it is beautiful the strength that comes out of the pain and fears....
11:51:31 From xxxx to laura mahler (Privately) : I loved sharing with you your process here, how you opened up to the group and to yourself, with a lot of courage. It was contagious, you gave this same courage to all of us.