Lara Carmo

Mi guía de Ogum (My guide in Ogum)


Mauricio told me in a conversation about dreams, spirituality and crime:

"I dream of a very big sea, many giant waves and me drilling into them. Piercing. A lot, a lot. I don't go into the sea if the sea is huge. I'm not going to ride the waves I ride in the dream because when I'm in the dream it's one thing, in real life it's another. Now we are here and any one of us can go up. At any moment. Being detained is more painful. It's scarier than being killed. Because freedom is fucking awesome. This is my guide from Ogum. This was given to me by a Pai de Santo. He said: - 'Dude, use this, use it, take it to wash. Wash yourself in the sea, wash it in the sea, in the waters of Rio de Janeiro'".