Juan Pedro Scioli

Braian Pepo Braian Braian Pepo Pepo Braian


I met Brian one night in Recoleta. I needed help and he gave it to me. We hung out for a while, we made jokes, I left him a gift.

From there I explained to him that I was doing a documentary film workshop. He told me that he would also like to do it but that he didn't have the time or the money. I proposed him to collaborate with me with a series of exercises, he got excited, he liked the idea of being a character. From this bond we took away the idea that there can be a friend in every corner.

I am Brian, an ordinary person if you can call it that way,
just another ID number,
I am working, I live in a hostel,
I try every day to improve myself as a person.
because of things that have happened to me in life I have made good and bad decisions.
Every decision has its consequences
I honestly don't put any labels on myself
Every day I learn more about myself
I have my faults and my virtues
I try not to hurt anyone
I know that everything that goes around comes around
I know from experience and because it's a law of life.