Juan Manuel Pinzón

Un dulce de leche (A dulce de leche)

Colombia / Mexico

The first time I met Manuel was in front of his house in the Escandón neighbourhood of Mexico City. He was sitting in his walking chair sunbathing and watching people pass by. We greeted each other, he liked the fact that I was involved in cinema and immediately said he wanted to get to know me better. I started going to Manuel and his daughter Ana Maria's house about twice a week.
Manuel is 92 years old, but he never stopped being a child. Our bond developed into a constant playground where dogs talked, the neighbourhood was a Hollywood set, humans could fly and cats ate dulce de leche. I don't know if I believe in coincidence or in written destiny, but with Manuel we suspect that in another life we were "grandfather and grandson" and now we are fulfilling the old promise to meet again in this new cycle.

Love is accepting others as they are. God does not make mistakes, we are all the way we are because he wanted it that way. Lovelessness is the real sin. Stealing, killing, lying, that is part of the human condition. We came to this world to learn, to make mistakes. God forgives everything. But what he doesn't forgive is lovelessness. Love is medicine.

Manuel Nava

Manuel in a second disarmed Juanma's fears and took the reins of the moment: "...and beyond everything, what matters is that I love you. Whatever happens to you, we treat it like family". How can it be that, because of DIP, Juanma being even from another country, in a month and a half has made a new family?

Carmen Rivoira