Daniela Cano
En día en que cayó la noche

The day I went for a walk in the countryside it was starting to get dark. I was recording some sound environments of that sector, a rural place. As I passed by a neighbour's house, walking, a boy on a bicycle came behind me, he passed me very fast several times and finally got off, approached me, looked me in the eyes and said "Don Raul is not here". When I saw his eyes I thought I wanted to get close to him and meet him, I talked to him for a while more. Don Raul never arrived.

Over the days I planned to visit him often to talk to him and to generate a closer bond, I met his parents and his sister, we talked often, I accompanied him to do his work with the cows in the field and he asked me to help him with his homework at school.

Children are honest with what they do and say.

Me here? I'm with my sister, I'm sure now my mum would tell me to go home. A little while ago I was watching TV and later I have to do what my mother tells me to do. I live here in Santa Rosa, this is a village. My mum asked me if I wanted to live alone or with my grandparents and I told her I wanted to live alone or with her, so we built a little house. I live with my mother.

Her name is Miriam Isaura Jojoa Josa, my dad lives in the shop, his name is Henry Harvey Guevara Toro and my sister's name is Melisa Julieth Guevara Jojoa. And I'm Kevin and I'm going to be 12 years old. I'm in the sixth grade.

So far I haven't done anything, I was with my sister watching TV and my mum called me, she told me to go and wash clothes, my mum called me and I came here, I was about to wash, then I have to do some homework. Later I also have to go see my grandparents, they are still alive. My grandmother sells in the shop and sometimes cleans things, my grandfather is in the fields with the potatoes.

My dad left a while ago, to fumigate. Sometimes they say they are going to charcoal too, sometimes to harvest the blackberries or to clean them, to pick the potatoes. Every two months or every three months, they go to cut trees for charcoal.

When I'm at school, I don't have to be in the fields, if it's time, I do something; it's time to pick blackberries, help my grandparents, my mum, go to see the potatoes, I don't like it, I have more fun at school, going to the waterfall is nice, I've only been able to go with my teachers. From the countryside I see the flowers, the trees, that makes me happy, but something that excites me is when my uncles and aunts say: "Do you want chicks? -I say yes and they give me several chicks, and they grow up there. I like all that, what I don't like is the port, I don't like it there, here I play with my friends, with Johan I play all the time, the bad thing is that when I'll grow up I won't play anymore. I want to be a policeman and be able to look after people, but right now I like what I do, I like to sing, to sing Diomedes Díaz.  

I love my family, and they love me. I love the rain, from time to time we are with my sister playing in the water, what a laugh! And we get wet. Here in the countryside everything is very nice, I feel free. But most of all the school. The trees are beautiful, the grass, playing in the water.   But when it gets dark I get scared, at night I get on my bike and start riding at full speed, I go fast, I'm afraid of the night, that someone will come out to me?