Chiara Jason

Los árboles pasarán por su cara (Trees will pass by her face)

Argentina / Germany

Playing was always a very important element. It was a collaboration where we both received and gave to each other. We generated a space where we questioned and reflected on empathy. The confidence in the bond developed gradually. With each meeting we had, the layers of protection melted away.

Yesterday I met Anaya in front of the sculpture of the three women by the benches, we chatted a bit and we both felt comfortable exchanging words. I showed her the statue of the woman reader that I like so much. I feel very connected to that statue. Every time I visit it, it looks different. Anaya told me that she wanted to be filmed climbing a tree. She loves trees and feels very connected to nature. I told her I wanted to show her my favourite tree in the park. That was also her favourite tree, she nicknamed it "the phonecall tree". She would always sit on the curved branch that looked like a hammock to take very important phone calls. Now the branch is cut off. I like that we both come regularly to this park because it reminds me of Sara Gallardo's phrase: "My master: a park".