Arturo Maciel Flecha
Do I have to show up?

I met Gus through a dating app for guys. I made an open invitation and he was one of the first people to respond. He asked me how I would choose the person I was looking for. I told him randomly. "Random is very determinant in the way we gay guys relate to each other affectively," he told me.

Gus writes and reads a lot, he is a very curious person who is all the time connecting things happening before his eyes with texts he read in the past. He also enjoys wandering - walking aimlessly - around the city. That was our "relating" device: wandering and wandering in this city that shelters and suffocates us at the same time.

On our walks, Gus shared historical and scientific data, and personal experiences to broaden our gaze on the questions he had for himself, or on the events that passed before our eyes: pioneer plants occupying abandoned spaces, the rabid barking of dogs ramming fences, the brain circuits of love and passion that cross and detonate crimes of passion, the squares that were once cemeteries, masculinity, secrecy, silences.

How do I show up?
How do I represent a non-hegemonic visibility?
How do I create devices that lie in the way of being seen, but re-signify visibility?
How do I make the invisible visible?
How does the invisible sound?