Ari Lutzker



I met Lidia in Villa 1-11-14. At first we met and chatted for a while, but little by little we became more and more friends. Lidia told me: "You are my first male friend". I told her: "You are my first 65-year-old friend". So for both of us it was finding new ways of friendship.

I live in Villa 1-11-14
in Bajo Flores.
My name is Lidia.
When we arrived
there was no water in the houses.
There was a tap on the main street
and we queued to get it.
We went to fetch the water
and there we chatted, sometimes we went cruising.
This land where we are now
belonged to Mercedes Benz.
We took it over.
A colleague of ours went to jail for that, Doña Maruca.
But we resisted and nobody got rid of us.
My family is also El Materito.
I started the dining room for two reasons
First, because I saw that the children in the neighbourhood
were starting to become malnourished
I'm talking about 1998,
secondly because I knew that
if I managed to feed the neighbourhood
I was assured
 six plates of food on the table for life.