Agustín Toscano

Holograma (Hologram)


I rang Pepe's doorbell and explained that I wanted to interview him because I had heard him playing the drums. He showed me into his house. He made me feel that he had been waiting for me for months. His biographer had finally arrived.

Pepe was a hologram of what the future could be. There is a large percentage of him that looks a lot like me. Perhaps the same illusions and disillusions mirror us.   

Intense life. Documented. Intimate. Staged. Commented life; shared life. Virtual life, collective life, empathetic life. All at the service of all. A charismatic, attentive, kind and strict leader. An obedient and defiant collective. Many hours of exclusive dedication. Sensitive subjects ready to leave their hearts in every exercise and every comment. And chance, so determined to conquer us, so insolent and cunning, creating monsters inside us, multiplying us among people and characters.

Someone took notes of what everyone thought, without dividing whose opinion was whose. One day Toto sent me an email with the notes he had taken for me. It read: "Circular structure. A certain temporality with the superimpositions of the images. Always kept the distance through the open shots. The idea of representation very strong. Representing a character. Illustrates and reveals Pepe, I imagined Pepe in the spaces where he was not. Pepe was being absorbed by his story. Perception of non-linear time. Through the cassette/box element. It invites us to get inside that little box. At the beginning it only seems a picturesque element and only at the end it gives the sensation of being inside a capsule. It is somewhat spiral-shaped. Something from the beginning is re-signified at the end. The card illustrates the person and his wishes. Business card: direct form of the character, something that synthesises who we are. Speaks directly of the staging of the world. The bathroom, the opposite of the business card. The two opposites, intimacy and the face one shows to the world. In the bathroom I felt a body, more than in the images of him smoking. I felt the corporeality through the fabrics, the sounds. The exercise talks about Agustín doubting Pepe. Agustín invites us to distrust everything. The interview in the background was a sound cushion. A journey through Agustín's mind dismantling the Pepe he met last time. All the time there is something that is making noise. The discomfort is present: everything that is happening may not be. Hologram."

What we are left with we call a toolbox. Tongs we use to tie our story to the stories of our neighbours. Hammers with which we broke the ice. Staplers we use to edit videos. And some new friends, wise counsel to turn to in times of crisis.